Meat Processing

Australia’s processing industry has never played such a crucial role in the economy, with local abattoirs rapidly investing in capital infrastructure to help meet global demand for Australian meat. ICA specialises in developing componentry and full turnkey systems for abattoirs of all sizes, from family run operations to large scale producers and exporters. 

We have turnkey packages for:

  • Tote storage, delivery and retrieval systems
  • Automated tote stackers / elevators
  • Tote lowerator / tipper units
  • Cryovac tray handling systems
  • Trim cutting tables
  • Final cut packing tables for Cryovac trays
  • Boning Room Layout

Operational Advantages

  • Systems designed with operator ergonomics in mind.
  • Open design construction for hygienic applications.
  • Large range of belt types to suit specific applications.
  • Integrated controls package.
  • Innovative designs to provide plant flexibility

Past Clients

  • Australian Country Choice
  • Don KRC
  • Hardwick’s Abbattoir