ICA understands the specialist needs of the food and beverage industry. We supply all our food, beverage and confectionery projects according to Australian standards in design and fabrication.

Food and beverage processing is one of Australia’s biggest growth sectors, with global exports rapidly climbing. For this reason, it has never been more important for food processing plant equipment to be designed and manufactured to the highest standards.


Previous Food & Beverage clients include:

Aust Co-operative Foods

Bolac Foods


Most of these projects required conveyors and other equipment to be fully washed down with caustic solution after each shift.


Food, beverage and confectionery projects include:
  • 90°/180° Modular belting type conveyors
  • Knife edge conveyors
  • Plastic modular belt type conveyors
  • Slat band conveyors


Operational Advantages
  • Systems designed with operator ergonomics in mind
  • Open design construction for hygienic applications
  • Large range of belt types to suit specific applications
  • Integrated controls package
  • Initiative designs to provide plant flexibility


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