Fixed Chain Trailer Floors

Chain dock arrangement for the quick loading/unloading of product (pallets) to/from the trailer.

  • Chain size is normally ¾” or 1” duplex. Depending on load requirements chain sizes can be varied to suit client needs.
  • Cut out switches associated with bulkheads for increased lifetime of chain floor systems.
  • Usually comprises of a pair of twin chain conveyors with individual drives, depending on load and handling requirements additional support/carry chains can be fitted.
  • Chain is always above floor level and engaged with the pallets.
  • Conveyors powered from associated docks.
  • Fast, safe and economical cargo handling.
  • Pendant control of the floor from either the trailer or controlled from the dock.
  • Selective loading and unloading by one operator.
  • Used for shorter haul trailers and where load stability is not of issue.

Air Lift Chain Trailer Floor

  • Airbag operation undertaken manually.
  • Air taken from the trailer.
  • Chain recesses under floor level when airbags deflate, and protrudes above floor level when conveying product.
  • Conveyors powered from the associated docks.
  • Independent control of the floor from either the trailer or controlled from the dock.
  • Used for long haul trailers or where product stability is an issue.

Trailer Registration and Levelling Systems

  • Hydraulic levelling units achieve an accurate positioning of the trailer to the dock.
  • Hydraulic levelling units are generally employed for skate dock systems, where numerous trailers with variable heights are employed.
  • The mechanism engages to a rigid underrun bar assembly fitted to the trailer.
  • The hydraulic levelling mechanism aligns the floor of the trailer to the dock in both vertical and horizontal planes using sensors and reflectors.

Air Lift Roller Trailer Floor

Manual movement of loaded pallets and air cargo ULD’s air lift roller conveyor roller tracks can be recessed into the floor of trucks and trailers. Loading and unloading pallets, still ages and air cargo pods is made easy. The rollers can be reused during loading and unloading, with the cargo manually rolled down the length of the deck.

Load security whilst travelling is enhanced as the rollers retract with the cargo then resting on the deck. The air system utilises the trucks air braking system with safety valves and a separate receiver to provide multiple lifts even when the engine is shut down.