Powered Roller

In the form of straights, curves, ‘y’ junctions to divert, stop and speed-up when and where required, according to the systems required. Powered roller conveyors are powered with a small motor incorporated into the roller. Generally utilised for lighter loads.

Chain Driven/ Belt Driven

  • Interlinked chain drive, where the rollers have dual sprockets at an end and rollers are linked via chain to another roller or a drive.
  • Generally used for heavier loads.
  • Tangential drive, where the rollers have single sprockets at one end, which engage into a single chain.

Line Shaft

  • A more economical configuration used for lighter loads.
  • A band driven roller, where the roller has a groove for the band to sit within. The band also wraps around a spool on the drive shaft to drive the roller.
Zero/Low Pressure Accumulation

  • Generally used for lighter loads.
  • Low-pressure roller conveyors are achieved through either clutched sprocket arrangements or by means of a “free” rotating roller shell.


An economical and efficient means of transporting product where power is not required. Easily installed, dismantled and relocated. Modular systems are available for a variety of applications to provide gravity flow for boxes, drums, bags, or bales. A large variety of widths and lengths available.



The reason customers chose ICA

Industrial Conveying (Aust) Pty Ltd are a company of innovators who embrace the challenge from concept to completion to create the best possible system to meet a client’s needs.

Knowing that ICA is an Australian company with a trusted network of local suppliers gave us the confidence that we could get this done with minimal fuss in a short time frame. The process was faultless from concept to completion.





ICA specialises in designing and fabricating materials handling equipment. Systems range
from simple through to complex turnkey systems for Australian and Overseas companies.
This affordable range of solutions is not only tough and reliable, it is applicable to almost
any industry and positively impacts the user’s bottom line.


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