Powered Roller

In the form of straights, curves, ‘y’ junctions to divert, stop and speed-up when and where required, according to the systems required. Powered roller conveyors are powered with a small motor incorporated into the roller. Generally utilised for lighter loads.

Chain Driven/ Belt Driven

  • Interlinked chain drive, where the rollers have dual sprockets at an end and rollers are linked via chain to another roller or a drive.
  • Generally used for heavier loads.
  • Tangential drive, where the rollers have single sprockets at one end, which engage into a single chain.

Line Shaft

  • A more economical configuration used for lighter loads.
  • A band driven roller, where the roller has a groove for the band to sit within. The band also wraps around a spool on the drive shaft to drive the roller.
Zero/Low Pressure Accumulation

  • Generally used for lighter loads.
  • Low-pressure roller conveyors are achieved through either clutched sprocket arrangements or by means of a “free” rotating roller shell.


An economical and efficient means of transporting product where power is not required. Easily installed, dismantled and relocated. Modular systems are available for a variety of applications to provide gravity flow for boxes, drums, bags, or bales. A large variety of widths and lengths available.