Straight or Flat Belt Conveyors

  • Available in painted or stainless food grade finish.
  • Can be provided as a horizontal incline or decline.
  • Designed to suit your height, width and incline requirements.
  • Hoppers and chutes can be custom made.


Designed to provide a cost effective solution to transfer products to and from different levels.


Spiral conveyors enable vertical transferring of product loads, up or down, in a continuous flow for increased efficiency.

ICA offers multi-function and space saving spirals in sizes to suit heavy duty industrial applications. Spiral conveyors are designed to carry product between floors or trough chillers and feature:

  • Controlled slope for smooth transfer.
  • Designed to suit individual products.
  • Gravity or powered systems.
  • Ideal for in-line accumulation.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Can be assembled on site if access is restricted (e.g. inside freezer/chiller).

90 Degree Belt Curve

  • Available in painted or stainless steel food grade finish.
  • Roller or Knife-edge transfers.
  • ICA’s true 90° bend orientates products evenly around the bend.
  • Also available as 180° bend along with other angles to suit all applications.


Our trough belt conveyor systems are manufactured using the latest techniques and best quality materials. We ensure that each conveyor we supply is durable and provides an efficient solution for handling different types of materials. Our design team configures our conveyors to incorporate the necessary accessories such as:

  • Belt cleaners and scrapers.
  • Dust sealing and skirting requirements.
  • Hungry boards, and head and tail covers.
  • Wear plates for infeed chutes and hoppers.
  • Troughed roller sets.
  • Pressed section troughed.
  • Impact beds.
  • Eliminates spillage.

  • Height adjustment and lateral movement positions goods precisely and reduces operator fatigue.
  • Proven and highly successful loading or unloading for all types of cartons, cases and sacks.
  • Quick, efficient, loading and unloading of trucks, freight cars, containers, wagons etc.

Carousel Picking Conveyor

Overlapping slat-bed for sorting and accumulating products of all shapes and sizes. Used for order picking and product inspection.

  • Available in various lengths and widths to suit individual requirements.
  • Improves efficiency and reduces manual handling at packing stations.
  • Overlapping slat-bed for sorting and accumulating products of all shapes and sizes. Used for order picking and product inspection.

Modular Belt/Slat Conveyors

Modular belts or slat band conveyors are ideal for packing and bottling lines. Conveyors/ configurations are available in stainless steel or painted construction. Designed to suit your layout and application, and configured to any width, length, capacity and layout. Comes in the form of:

  • Bi-planar side flexing
  • Friction top
  • Roller top
  • Straight
  • Incline Decline
  • Plastic Modular Belt



The reason customers chose ICA

Industrial Conveying (Aust) Pty Ltd are a company of innovators who embrace the challenge from concept to completion to create the best possible system to meet a client’s needs.

Knowing that ICA is an Australian company with a trusted network of local suppliers gave us the confidence that we could get this done with minimal fuss in a short time frame. The process was faultless from concept to completion.





ICA specialises in designing and fabricating materials handling equipment. Systems range
from simple through to complex turnkey systems for Australian and Overseas companies.
This affordable range of solutions is not only tough and reliable, it is applicable to almost
any industry and positively impacts the user’s bottom line.


Talk to us about individually engineered solutions for your business today.