Case Study: Orora Packaging Australia Pty Ltd

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Orora has been delivering pallets of glass bottles to Coopers Brewery (Coopers) for many years. Roll-on/roll-off (RORO) docks make this process fast and efficient at both ends of the operation. Industrial Conveying (Aust) Pty Ltd is the OEM for the RORO docks used by Orora and Coopers.




Coopers automated the removal of packaging on incoming pallets after installing a new bottling line. An automated system designed to cut the straps was unable to remove the stretch wrap that keeps the bottles secure in transit. To enable the new system to work efficiently, Coopers required that Orora deliver the pallets without the stretch wrap. Orora quickly discovered that its existing trailers were not engineered to deliver the pallets without the stretch wrap. Initial attempts resulted in pallets – each containing 4400 glass bottles – collapsing in transit. The cost of clean up, replacement, labour and lost revenue was significant. After purchasing new trailers, Orora discovered the loading docks needed to be modified to fit the trailer dimensions – the two rows of pallets had to be much closer together as they drove in. Without modifying the docks, the manual loading and unloading of the trailers added 40 minutes to each load, which is why the RORO docks were installed at each end in the first place.




Industrial Conveying (Aust) Pty Ltd sent a team of specialist engineers to South Australia to ascertain what modifications would be required on the docks. The requirements at each end varied significantly, resulting in the need for an innovative, customised approach. All testing and modifications were carried out efficiently, enabling the trucks to resume delivering loads.


Customer satisfaction


Darren Boswell, Project Manager at Orora, said the decision to turn to ICA for a solution was an easy one.

“Knowing that ICA is an Australian company with a trusted network of local suppliers gave us the confidence that we could get this done with minimal fuss in a short time frame. ICA sent its team to South Australia on the weekends to avoid disrupting deliveries at Coopers. The process was faultless from concept to completion.”

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