Innovative world-first relocatable acoustic enclosure

Materials handling technology specialist Industrial Conveying (Aust) Pty Ltd – ICA – have released a noise reducing portable sound enclosure. The innovative world-first relocatable acoustic enclosure can be deployed anywhere in a moment’s notice.

Originally purpose-built and designed for a mining drill rig, the enclosure is an ideal solution for disaster areas and emergency response teams who need to get out of the elements, or for construction companies requiring 24×7 operations.

“Our aim to is to understand our client’s requirements and respond to their specific needs” says ICA Chief Operating Officer, Bruce Granger. “We work very closely with all our clients to achieve this. Our speciality is our capability to deliver a total turnkey solution.

The portable Sound Enclosure can be situated on any surface that does not require completed foundations. It is an engineered structure, referencing a traditional barn exterior that does not dominate its surroundings or call attention to itself.

The enclosure can be totally flat-packed and easily transported from location to location, clipped together with minimal fasteners ensuring fast, user-friendly installation. “It’s like a meccano set, with clear instructions and easily handled parts labelled to piece together quickly, yet adaptable to any location,” says Bruce.

Transport stillages have been custom-designed to store and transport the enclosure safely and effortlessly, and it is possible to pack the enclosure onto standard truck and container configurations for set up anywhere!

The key feature of this innovative world-first design is the dramatic reduction of the amount of sound that is heard from a drilling rig during 24-hour operations. It is easily installed in both rural and urban terrain, accommodating slopes and unstable surfaces.

Operational Advantages

Once understanding the full functional needs of the client, we included in the solution:

  • Industrial fans to ventilate the drill rig and control air conditions, ensuring the optimal function of the machinery
  • Exhaust fans to move air through the structure. Air movement is essential should the drill hit any pockets of gas
  • Fresh air supply into the structure for the health and safety of the drill rig operations team
  • Air conditioning is ducted across the roof of the structure. The cooling unit is detached from the enclosure, connected via flexible ducting for easy installation depending on the needs of the drilling site

ICA also took into consideration the interior environment required for optimal functionality of equipment housed within the enclosure, as well as the operation team’s health and safety needs.

The beauty of the engineered structure is that there are no columns inside; the pitched roof is of versatile height to accommodate any machinery requirements. Once inside the space, there is an expanse of area to enable a client to manoeuvre drills and other equipment. Creating a hospitable environment that crews can work in for long hours under any conditions.

ICA deliver customised solutions from concept to implementation for material handling needs:

ICA specialises in designing and fabricating materials handling equipment. Systems range from simple through to complex turnkey systems for Australian and Overseas companies. This affordable range of solutions is not only tough and reliable, it is applicable to almost any industry and positively impacts the user’s bottom line.

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