Belt Conveyors

Whatever your unit load or bulk material capacity, ICA can design a belt conveyor for horizontal, incline or decline paths at a predetermined rate. 
We deliver stand-alone belt conveyors or integrate with a turnkey project.

  • Available in painted or stainless food grade finish.
  • Can be provided as a horizontal incline or decline.
  • Designed to suit your height, width and incline requirements.
  • Hoppers and chutes can be custom made.
  • Height adjustment and lateral movement positions goods precisely and reduces operator fatigue.
  • Proven and highly successful loading or unloading for all types of cartons, cases and sacks.
  • Quick, efficient, loading and unloading of trucks, freight cars, containers, wagons etc.

Spiral conveyors enable vertical transferring of product loads, up or down, in a continuous flow for increased efficiency.

ICA offers multi-function and space saving spirals in sizes to suit heavy duty industrial applications. Spiral conveyors are designed to carry product between floors or through chillers and feature:

  • Controlled slope for smooth transfer.
  • Designed to suit individual products.
  • Gravity or powered systems.
  • Ideal for in-line accumulation.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Can be assembled on site if access is restricted (e.g. inside freezer/chiller).

Designed to provide a cost effective solution to transfer products to and from different levels.

Overlapping slat-bed for sorting and accumulating products of all shapes and sizes. Used for order picking and product inspection.

  • Available in various lengths and widths to suit individual requirements.
  • Improves efficiency and reduces manual handling at packing stations.
  • Overlapping slat-bed for sorting and accumulating products of all shapes and sizes. Used for order picking and product inspection.
  • Available in painted or stainless steel food grade finish.
  • Roller or Knife-edge transfers.
  • ICA’s true 90° bend orientates products evenly around the bend.
  • Also available as 180° bend along with other angles to suit all applications.

Modular belts or slat band conveyors are ideal for packing and bottling lines. Conveyors/ configurations are available in stainless steel or painted construction. Designed to suit your layout and application, and configured to any width, length, capacity and layout. Comes in the form of:

  • Bi-planar side flexing
  • Friction top
  • Roller top
  • Straight
  • Incline Decline
  • Plastic Modular Belt

Our trough belt conveyor systems are manufactured using the latest techniques and best quality materials. We ensure that each conveyor we supply is durable and provides an efficient solution for handling different types of materials. Our design team configures our conveyors to incorporate the necessary accessories such as:

  • Belt cleaners and scrapers.
  • Dust sealing and skirting requirements.
  • Hungry boards, and head and tail covers.
  • Wear plates for infeed chutes and hoppers.
  • Troughed roller sets.
  • Pressed section troughed.
  • Impact beds.
  • Eliminates spillage.

our reputation
within the industry

While we create one-off solutions, we never treat our customer relationships that way. ICA prides itself on building long standing, ongoing partnerships with our clients. Our ability to continue to add value to our clients’ plant efficiency and production is fundamental to our success, and our intimate knowledge of the specifics of materials handling in every client industry is the reason we enjoy satisfied clients and long-term relationships.

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Our Point of Difference

ICA has the expertise, capacity and financial strength to undertake any size project anywhere in the world. As a provider of turnkey solutions, ICA provides a complete in-house service including engineering, design, manufacture, supply, installation and electronic process control from concept through to commissioning. With a combined experience of more than 300 years in materials handling technology you can rely on the ICA team to successfully deliver your next project.

Our Company

Formed in 1979, ICA is a privately-owned company with a 40+ year history of global engineering excellence, driven by a stable, skilled workforce. Wholly Australian owned and operated, our Head Office and manufacturing facilities are located in Bendigo, 160 kilometres north of Melbourne in Central Victoria. On our 15 hectares of land we have a total developed factory complex of over 10,000 square metres within three separate fabrication and assembly buildings. Our Melbourne office in Tullamarine also provides design and sales support.

Our Capabilities

Custom design and turnkey solutions, from micro projects to multi-site global installations. ICA have industry specific expertise, and provide in-house design, manufacture, testing and commissioning. Our team are expert installers providing custom training and ongoing site support.

Turnkey Systems

Turnkey systems are the most cost-effective way of achieving the best system solution for materials handling. ICA specialises in delivering turnkey systems that are adaptable and versatile – enabling you to include and remove components as required. We're a company of inventors and innovators who love starting from scratch to create the best possible system that totally meets your needs, now and into the future. We design modular systems to allow for upgrades and we are able to be involved on an ongoing basis to ensure your equipment is maintained to optimal efficiency. Modular turnkey systems give you the advantage as the latest software, control and sensor technologies can be brought into play - and this is the key to providing market adaptability.